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About Rosemary Mafrici

Rosemary was born in Derbyshire in 1963 and has lived in Leicestershire for the past 28 years.

After studying at Dartington College she started her career as a portrait painter and muralist from her newly established painting studio in Marple Bridge, Cheshire. She has worked in television for several well-known series and has produced illustrations for many book covers and interiors. Her work has been commissioned by a range of organisations and individuals, from multi-national corporations to premier league footballers.


Her first love is portraiture and has never lost her interest in this subject matter but her fascination with colour was pushed to its limits working as a cartoon background artist for television. In this medium, a sense of mood and atmosphere is essential to help the cartoon take on its own reality. 





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Rosemary moved to Leicestershire in 1990 and shared her time between a job in education and trips to her husband's home village of Gizzeria, Italy where she spent her time painting in the streets. She was captivated by not only the wonderful welcome of the locals but also by the atmosphere. Over the years she has tried to capture the beauty of the village. Getting up early to get the best of the light, which is very special in the early morning and working until the sun becomes over-powering around midday. She has spent many contented hours lost in concentration producing her paintings. 


The effect of light on the colour of objects is what really captures her attention. Dividing her time between working in oils and watercolour it's astonishing the variety of colour Rosemary sees in any scene and how amazingly she is able to capture it.



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